The interior designers, working at “UAB Baltic Domus”, have long-year professional experience. Professional knowledge and accumulated experience show that harmony is the most important thing in interior for people in the twenty first century. Thus, “UAB Baltic Domus” seeks to keep the balance between attractiveness and functionality.

The main aim of interior design is to create a practical, innovative and exclusive interior that meets the wishes, needs and vision of our customer. At the same time, we strive to ensure the highest class and the best category of services.

Interior design services

  • Design and planning of interior spaces and functional areas
  • Design of electrical installation
  • Floor design
  • Ceiling and lighting design
  • Furniture design
  • Selection of finishing materials
  • Selection of furniture and interior pieces
  • Design of sanitation facilities
  • Selection of finishing materials for facades
  • Stairs design
  • 3D visualizations for interior

The process – the key stages of interior design:

The needs of a customer are found out, his/her preferred style of the interior is identified.  Standard interior versions from the catalogue are proposed or a custom project is developed.

Customized project and its duration:

Design takes from 14 to 30 days (depends on the scope of a project). Realization of the customer’s comments and adjustments: 14 days.

Finishing interior materials:

Natural wood, tempered glass, metal, plastic, mirror, natural or eco leather, natural stone (granite, marble, etc.), ceramics, textiles (curtains, bedding, pillows, bedspreads, carpets, wallpaper).

Proposed interior design styles:



Modern classic



Art deco

Currently trending styles:

Modern classic, minimalism, modern with Art Deco elements.

Design software:

Autocad, 3 d max.

Cooperation with:

Furniture and interior salons, suppliers of finishing materials, art galleries.

We are pleased to contribute to the creation of comfort, cosiness, and aesthetic appeal. Even the slightest changes in your space can positively influence you, your business partners or family members.


Would like to thank you for your help, for designed interior, its care and implementation. The designer has perfectly understood, listened to and completed her work sincerely, up to the smallest details. Moreover, she helped to choose materials, colours, fabrics, and furniture, according to the latest interior trends. Vaida has her unique style that she presents and proposes in a pleasant manner. I am highly satisfied with the impeccable work in interior design. Strongly recommend.

Vaidas Gronskis

First of all, would like to thank Vaida for patience, while working with us for the entire year.

I can guarantee that Vaida is the person, who feels the customer and understands his or her wishes from the moment they meet. Furthermore, she is a creative personality, full of ideas, clearly seeing the vision and a few steps ahead. While communicating with a customer, Vaida always listens to his or her wishes, and succeeds to find a balance between her own ideas and customer’s expectations. I strongly recommend this designer because she will turn your home to the oasis of cosiness, harmony, and luxury.

Juratė Lukaševičiūtė

Vaida Sasnauskaite-Jurkšaitienė is a great specialist in her field. We are very excited, not only for the final result, but also for the creative process. Vida’s great enthusiasm, excellent material knowledge and ingenuity in finding practical and creative solutions, is surprisingly well combined with a sincere desire to compromise with regard to the customers desire. Vaida has great knowledge of interior parts sellers and suppliers. Her impressing expertise is exciting with interesting solutions and competitive prices of interior details.

Deimantė Pociūtė



All cost estimates require confirmation by “UAB Baltic Domus”. This is only an indication of a reference cost, we do not require any payment details for the estimates. If you want to get more detailed information about your quote, please fill in the enquiry form.

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