“UAB Baltic Domus” provides the import services of panel, frame houses. We cooperate with several manufacturers from the Baltic countries. Our partners have built a number of customized houses and cottages in Norway, France, Holland, Finland, and Lithuania.

Panel houses – frame houses are made from the panels, manufactured in the workshop, and assembled on a construction site. It is one of the most popular house building technologies in Scandinavian countries. Furthermore, the process of building such houses is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and the operational costs of these buildings are relatively low. Thus, panel house building technology is gaining popularity due to its simple and fast construction method and eco-friendliness.

We can:

– Advise on choosing the optimal solution of structures;
– Perform complete design of a panel – frame house, and calculate the estimate;
– Make wooden frames for house walls or fully completed house elements;
– Deliver the house elements with installed windows and painted exterior siding to the object site;
– Provide interior finishing and interior design services.

Our advantages:

– Products are made of high-quality certified materials;
– We work with the modern CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut 3;
– We have long-year experience in production and assembly of panel – frame houses;
– Duration of the project from signing the contract till completion of the project is 3-4 months;
– It takes 3-5 working days for the house to be installed up to the roof.

You will like a panel house because it is:

High-quality. All structures of a panel house are made indoors. This allows the use of special equipment, supervision of the production process, and control of the storage conditions of the products. Furthermore, the structures are not affected by weather conditions. This is how we achieve high quality.

Fast-assembled. We can build a panel house in one and a half months: we build the structures in the workshop within 3 weeks, assemble it on the construction site within 3–5 days, and finishing – roofing, installation of facade joints, etc. – takes 1 – 2 weeks. This is the fastest way to build a house.

Safe. A properly constructed panel house meets all fire safety requirements. Wooden structures are impregnated with special fire-resistant materials. This treatment makes them even safer than metal structures.

Warm. The walls of a panel house are made of wood. We use special heat and sound insulating materials for thermal insulation. Furthermore, we hermetically seal all seams, window and door openings.

Low-cost. According to energy efficiency, panel houses are classified as class A houses. They correspond to all energy consumption and other energy performance indicators specified in the Construction Technical Regulation. When building panel houses, we ensure that the heat will not come out, the house will be warm and the heating price – especially low.

Durable. A panel house can stand for more than 100 years. It does not require any complex repairs or challenging maintenance. It will be enough to repaint the walls of a house once in 5 – 7 years and you will be able to enjoy the house for many years.

Low-budget. With the latest technology, we can build a panel house in a cheap and fast manner. This house can be purchased even by people with average income.

Attractive. Although made of wood, a panel house does not necessarily look like a wooden box. It can be plastered, decorated with clinker tiles or other finishing materials. There is no doubt that the house like this will please everyone’s taste.

Natural. When building panel houses, we try to use the most natural, environmentally friendly materials. In addition, this technology leaves little construction waste, thus, the environment is less polluted.



All cost estimates require confirmation by “UAB Baltic Domus”. This is only an indication of a reference cost, we do not require any payment details for the estimates. If you want to get more detailed information about your quote, please fill in the enquiry form.

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