“UAB Baltic Domus” is a professional construction company, operating in the construction market. Although based in Vilnius, it operates in the entire Lithuania and foreign countries.

We implement all types of construction and renovation projects: from a single bathroom to extreme remodeling, for example, basement extension, loft conversion, and full-house refurbishment in both residential and commercial sectors.

The key to success of our business is quality assurance. “UAB Baltic Domus” employs professional, highly qualified and experienced staff with perfect knowledge of their responsibilities.

Our company has an impeccable reputation, which is demonstrated by numerous testimonials from the satisfied customers. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Customer focus

A customer is the most important in our business strategy. Thus, we strive to know each individual customer and to adapt to the needs of both a project and a team. Furthermore, we are continuously improving. It is well known that the customer’s experience is the key for successful implementation of a project, therefore, we put maximum efforts not only to construct the highest quality buildings, but also to build the best possible relationships.


“UAB Baltic Domus” has been promoting a positive, collaboration-based working environment and professional culture since its establishment. It means that the company recognizes and rewards those employees, who demonstrate exemplary behavior. We strongly believe that motivated employees lead to successful business and successful business is always motivated to go beyond its customer’s needs. In turn, our mission is to do everything to exceed our clients’ expectations.


“UAB Baltic Domus” has not only the best safety records in its sector, but also makes significant investments in training and safety of employees. Maintaining our safety reputation is an essential component of our business strategy because we do want that all employees would come back home safe at the end of each working day.


Our company managers have designed and implemented certain set of internal management controls for defining the project goals and ensuring their realization.

The main aim of interior design is to create a practical, innovative and exclusive interior that meets the wishes, needs and vision of our customer. At the same time, we strive to ensure the highest class and the best category of services.


In its business activity, “UAB Baltic Domus” follows a set of the core values, including integrity, customer satisfaction, personal growth and development, high quality, teamwork, innovation, and professionalism. This is achieved through hard work, attention to details, and compliance with the highest standards of ethics in office and on the construction site. An impeccable reputation makes this company a reliable business partner, committed to follow the aforementioned values.


Each employee of “UAB Baltic Domus” follows the core values of the company and realizes the importance of customer satisfaction and highest-quality results for our business strategy and good business reputation. Our team is highly skilled, professional, committed to quality and dedicated to their work.


Seeking to successfully compete in the construction industry, a company should incorporate experience, commitment and dedication in its business culture. Therefore, we hire only high-skilled and experienced professionals, who share our commitment to quality.

In addition, we strongly believe that cooperation, teamwork, integrity, and attention to details are the components that create the best possible construction environment, which, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction.



  • “UAB Baltic Domus” built a 60 square meter terrace and stairs our garden, and we were very pleased with the result. The terrace was on two levels, therefore, somewhat complicated. The stairs were completely different: upon starting to demolish the concrete staircase, they discovered that it was just a big hole underneath. “UAB Baltic Domus” assessed the situation and made a very reasonable solution. We were abroad, but they kept us updated with pictures, SMSs, and conversations over phone, so we were comfortable with both the solution and the execution. We would definitely use the services of “UAB Baltic Domus” again for this type of works and can highly recommend them.

    Brendan Slate
  • “Working with “UAB Baltic Domus” was a great pleasure. We decided to use these services because of the fluent communication over the works to be done.  They are very good at making sure all points are followed as agreed and budgeted. Of course, the job was bigger than we expected, however, the situation itself was handled well and the works were completed within the agreed time and budget. We highly recommend “UAB Baltic Domus” for renovation and modernization of old buildings.”

    Kjersti Arnal
  • We hereby confirm that “UAB Baltic Domus” has successfully completed the works at our garage. The remaining ones shall be performed by “Ryggegarasjen” itself. The previously identified defects were eliminated, therefore, now we are satisfied with the completed works. It should be noted that we kept a good contact with Arturas Jonutaitis over phone. He used to inform us about coming and was keeping up with the agreed deals. Thank you for the completed works.

    Grete Saxegaard Karlsen / Trond Andre Karlsen
  • The "UAB Baltic Domus" painted all the townhouses in our housing cooperative. This included 28 townhouses, thus, it was a great job. Arturas and his team also replaced rotten boards and fixed walls that needed maintenance. All the work was done with high quality, tidiness and at the time we agreed. We found out that Arturas is a great partner, therefore, we strongly recommend his company to others, who require similar works to be done.

    Christian Haugen
  • “UAB Baltic Domus” almost completely renovated our house of 200 m2. Painting, walls, floors, ceilings, tiling, bathroom, basement – everything was renovated. Importantly, the workers of “UAB Baltic Domus” were highly skilled and worked long hours. I recommend everyone to contact this company for any house renovation project.

    Cedric Jucker



We would be delighted to hear from you. Please fill the enquiry form below or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Company: UAB Baltic Domus

Address: Justiniškių g. 62A – 201, LT – 05239 Vilnius

Telephone: 0037065535531

Email: info@balticdomus.com



Being our customer, you contribute to the charity works all over the world.

Every year, we donate a certain part of our profit to non-profit and charity organizations. We choose the purpose after a careful assessment of needs, financial management of the organization, as well as by taking into account our ethical principles.

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